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Le0naGraves | Ask Oracle
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Leona Graves is a Clairvoyant Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Claircognizant and Dream Interpreter with a worldwide clientele. She helps her clients seize forthcoming opportunities and avoid or overcome upcoming obstacles. She welcomes people of all backgrounds and lifestyles without judgment and is LGBTQIAPK friendly.
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  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Email Prediction Accuracy

    Someone asks: How can psychics yield accurate results in email readings when the client is not present?

    I can only speak for myself on this matter, but the Tarot provides me with the clearest insights on a subject-by-subject basis rather than by the method with which I deliver the reading. However, an immediate conversational approach in readings certainly helps speed along the Q&A process... as do VERY CLEARLY stated questions!

    Certain inquiries receive faster answers than others within the spectrum of any single reading. The information I sense comes to me; I don't make the answers happen. I can tune into someone’s vibrations and their surrounding energies regardless of their presence, much like I would when calling upon a deceased spirit for guidance.

    I believe there’s a misconception about how genuine psychic abilities work due to a common "cold reading" tactic used among some entertainers in the profession. This practice is when a performer gauges their audience by appearances and reactions rather than intuited information.

    A closeness can form between the psychic and client over time to a point where readings become more conversational. However, developing a rapport is far-removed from deceitful people-reading practices! At least in my experience, the individual need not be present for me to gain accurate insights. Though, I do get the best results with my repeat clients simply having previously read their situations.

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Demon Children

    A woman asks if her 8 year old daughter can potentially harbor negative spiritual energy. She says the child is mean & causes others, especially her boyfriend, to behave coldly after spending time with her.

    If you've ever seen films like "The Ring", "The Omen", or "The Good Son", you'll know my answer is to this question is a resounding YES. Children are human and humans are flawed by nature, regardless of innocence.

    Depending on your beliefs, this young girl could be suffering from a psychological disorder, an environment that is not suitable to her needs, karma carried over from a past life, or an inclination toward darkness and isolation. Regardless of what she is experiencing, it is the duty of her guardian to encourage her into a healthier state of being.

    Many of the wisest and oldest souls have turbulent childhoods. As well, untamed special abilities can cause problems for kids which they will in turn express by negatively reacting. I would tune into this little girl's energy to understand what is at root for her darkness and social withdrawal, then offer guidance in the way of handling her for the best result. If I feel that she may need psychological support, I will say as much.

    The earlier she begins discovering ways to connect positively with others, the better her chances become of building confidence and trust in her interpersonal relationships. Whether it is assessed today or 10 years from now, she has the capability of embracing her calmer energy and finding peace through guidance and support.

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Deceptive Angels

    Someone asks how accurate angel cards are for psychic readings because they seem a little "too positive" to carry any "real" messages.

    Although I do not use angel cards, myself, I do believe that it is possible to read from just about any source!

    Whether a clairvoyant psychic uses angel cards, classical Tarot, oracle cards, cereal boxes, or shapes the ceiling makes when you stare at it long enough, the psychic is still the one with the visions. The divination tools are only meant to help us tune in, so they are more a matter of preference.

    I work with the Deviant Moon Tarot, currently, which is "too dark" for some. I find it provides me with the most accurate readings among the tools I've used thus far.

    I imagine, however, that if I was to do a reading with angel cards or another strictly positive-message oriented deck, I would still see warnings and/or any darkness associated based on my interpretation of the message. The cards function as an initial method to help my process for tuning in, but I am still the receiver of the messages.

    Keeping readings "real" means that, yes, there can be bad news ahead and it's a good idea to shed some light on it, especially if it is at all preventable!

    Remember that the psychic is still the one with the powers. No tool, except for maybe the magic 8 ball, offers the accuracy and ability to pick up on your energies like a real-life human psychic does.

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Love Triangles

    In my line of work, I am required to maintain a high level of open-mindedness about love. It finds its way into our lives with or without our consent, approval, or even consideration. The heart wants who it wants and there isn't much any of us can do about it, less those who have Saint-like values and restrictions (all power to you).

    I tune into the most honest feelings that are underlying everyone's actions who are involved in love-triangles. This situation tends to occur most often during phases of great change in people's lives.

    A previous client requested a spell for a situation exactly like this. However open minded I may be, there's no way I'd ever do a break-up spell for anyone to increase the chance of two lovers running off together. That defeats the point. What good is a relationship if it is based on forced love or the black-magick of an outsider?

    But, I do offer white-magick spells that help people become more aware of their own feelings. It could lead to a disintegration of one or both of the connections, though. The truth is the truth. Spells must never go against free-will as a general rule of practice.

    Whether I pick up someone wanting a "side-piece" or potentially having deeper and more complex feelings involved, I will tell it exactly as I see it.

    The most important factor in all of this is remembering that there is a choice to stay or go. You alone will be facing the consequences of your decision.

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Signs All the Time

    There are signs that intend to show us the best paths to be on (and which not to be on). And then, there are "synchronicities". Think of the earth and all its glorious designs. Why would nature stop at the flowers and shells? By paying attention, you'll see patterns occurring everywhere around you all the time.

    Listen and you'll hear the same words or songs referenced randomly. Keep an eye out and you'll see people wearing the same T-shirts or driving the same car 3 times in one day! This is a part of nature's undercurrent and a simple expression of beauty. These signs may be relating to you, somehow. Or, you could just be reading too much into a simple motif.

    In my line of work as both a clairvoyant and Tarot reader, I differentiate the very real messages from the normal patterns of life using my gifts of foresight and energy-reading.

    For example, a client of mine wanted to know if he was being given signs from the Universe regarding a potential job. Everything seemed to be going wrong and he even got lost on the way to the interview. Was this a sign or was this just a string of bad luck?

    Although the answer I provided specifically catered to his circumstances, my general solution was a practical one: do you need money? then take the job!

    There are good days and bad days. Don't allow a bad day to ruin a potential opportunity! Especially if it is keeping a roof over your head.

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Waiting for Love

    It's incredibly painful to be single and a hopeless romantic! Knowing how much love you have to offer another person without any outlet is emotionally trying. But, it doesn't have to be a struggle between now and the time you meet a serious partner if you play your cards right.

    Many of my clients ask about "when" they will find new love, but they aren't focused on how to go about doing it or on what to do in the mean time.

    The Universe creates obstacles and opportunities for us all in order to establish appropriate timing, but we have to meet these halfway! Our efforts must include the harder parts, including knowing what to do to release romantic energy in a way that will help build upon our future love lives RIGHT NOW.

    So, how do we go about this?

    #1 - First off, knowing that love is obtainable is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. Never give up on love and it will never give up on you.

    #2 - Take actions that will help you to meet your true love. This means knowing what you truly desire in a partner. For example, if you want to be with someone who has a vast knowledge about Greek history, then ensure that you are surrounding yourself with related social events, internet discussion groups, and study up more on the topic, yourself! Try not to judge your likes and dislikes too much when searching for a partner. You have those feelings for a reason. Even if you end up meeting someone who happens to be walking by outside the event you're attending, and the person knows nothing about Greek history, it won't matter once the love-bug kicks in! You can teach that person all about it, but at least you've met. And you met because you had those standards and listened to them.

    #3 - Stop asking "when" and reassess #2. Are you really doing everything possible to meet new people and open yourself up to that opportunity?

    #4 - Be realistic. Don't expect to be treated like royalty if you are unwilling to offer the same devotion. And don't expect perfection in a partner. Be the kind of lover your partner will deserve. Start by making more practical habits for yourself in life to build up to that standard.

    #5 - Understand what flaws you can and cannot live without. Having compatible flaws goes much farther than compatibility in general.

    #6 - When feeling depressed about being single, remember that it's better to have something real than a forced connection. You're waiting for the BEST one and won't settle for less. If you want to settle, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you. Stay true to your dreams and you won't go wrong!

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Attracting the "Wrong Ones"

    Many of us have heard psychological reasons for why we tend to attract negative and mean partners into our lives: we grew up in an abusive household, we never knew our true value, we want what we can't have, etc. But what is YOUR truth? Is it self-sabotage or something else?

    When assessing a situation like this, my background in psychology piques. I know what I am looking for and catch mental habits that cause poor lifestyle choices. However, with my natural gifts as a clairvoyant, I am also able to see details that I otherwise wouldn't if I was only assessing someone's thinking processes. I tune into other people and their influences, but also the circumstances and life paths that have been laid.

    My role in life is to help guide others in finding the smoothest courses to their destinies. Think of me like someone walking people through a dark forest because I can tell what's around the corner. It is still their journey to take, but I will assist along the way.

    Looking at an individual, it's easy to find a "cure all pill" or some other current fad panacea to fix their lives. People tend to want to be the complete owners of their problems because it makes it feel easier to handle. "I can fix this, myself. I don't need any help. I just need a pill. I just need to workout more. I just need..."

    There are plenty of excuses as to why things are not working well in someone's life, but not everything is in our control. It's important to identify what is versus what isn't. And from there, it's important to take actions to make a healthier life.

    Showing yourself respect takes as much practice as learning to respect others, only we tend to be less serious when learning to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, you just need to be reminded that you're a wonderful person and deserve the absolute best in life. But when patterns like this occur, I know there's something more to the story and I'd like to help.

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    The Split Path

    There's a term I use called the "split path". You might understand this concept from the film series "The Matrix". The lead character Neo visits a woman called the Oracle who can see into his future. Although psychic, she cannot read past a certain point in time in which Neo will have a fate determining choice to make.

    Not every situation holds such dramatic consequences, though. Life exists in a state of constant evolution. Futures begin to formulate more comprehensively once they are set in motion past the point of the split path.

  •   Le0naGraves 3 år sedan

    Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant Psychic, & Dream Interpreter

    Thank you for stopping by!
    I offer clairvoyant psychic readings utilizing magickal tools including:
    Tarot, pendulums, crystals, & spells
    My goal is to help you CREATE YOUR FUTURE!

    Degrees, Qualifications, Experience:
    Natural Gifts - clairvoyance and other psychic abilities since childhood, Tarot and other divination tools since teenage years.
    Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology - lending an analytical perspective to our sessions.
    Psychic Training - I receive continued training in veteran psychic and author Mystikka Jade’s Psychic Career Mentoring program.
    Typing - 124 WPM – I’m fast. I have scribed professionally.

    The term "clair" (clear) "voyance" (vision) represents the strongest of my psychic abilities: I see events beyond my own place, time, and senses. When I tune in, I do not always see exact images of the events to come. I am also shown metaphorical symbolism much like what occurs in dreams or art.

    Testing Our Connection:
    I can read for anyone who comes to me with honesty & integrity. Testing causes me anxiety & actually makes it more difficult to connect. I am most accurate when at peace. If you feel we are not connecting, please end the reading.

    Ask specific questions to yield specific answers. General readings will likely leave you dissatisfied.

    Be honest with me because if I believe something that is not true, it will negatively impact the reading and its accuracy. I am still human and my rational mind is very much a part of these readings.

    I like to look within the next 3-month period. Past that, I begin tuning into too many variable paths depending on the choices you will have to make. Remember, learning about the future can alter it for better or worse depending on what you take away from these sessions!

    No one is 100%, but my testimonials relay how well I’ve done and remain visible at all times: good, bad, or otherwise.

    Please leave feedback describing your experience with me. I learn from what you have to say and will only respond if I feel there has been a misunderstanding. I appreciate the wonderful things so many of you have already said!

    I do not offer refunds because there is no way for you to return the time I spent reading. Please, leave feedback about your experience.

    All readings are for entertainment purposes only. I offer guidance with a gift I have turned into an ability. At the end of the day, your life is still your responsibility 100% of the time. I’m only here to help!

    If there is a charge-back after our session, you are liable for any charges incurred and your information and transcript will be provided to the appropriate authorities as evidence of your consent to accept the charges of the reading.



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