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whitestarr | Ask Oracle
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I'm PSYCHIC, EXPERT in love readings, love triangles, Long distance relationship, marriage , and all area in your life. Angel & Tarot. I'm Clair-sentience, Clairalience , em path. Almost 7 years on Oranum.. Spiritual Cleansing, Reiki healing, teaching . Looking forward to help you.
  • Anglicky, chorvátsky, slovinsky, bosensky, srbsky

Nástenka whitestarr




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  •   xoxogahsipgirl pred 29 dňami

    She was so spot on and brought up things I didn't even mention. I believe in here and hope everything comes true.

  •   Enzo67 pred 1 mesiacom

    Very clear and direct answers. Kind and sensitive. Very insightful. Thank you!

  •   Sneal411 pred 3 mesiacmi

    always great readings. I enjoy talking to Whitestarr.

  •   whitestarr pred 2 mesiacmi

    Thank you dear Sneal same here. Hope to see you soon .

  •   Sneal411 pred 3 mesiacmi

    always enjoy my readings

  •   hello1000 pred 3 mesiacmi

    Sweet lady. Had to have her type as she has a strong accent.

  •   Sneal411 pred 5 mesiacmi

    I always enjoy my readings and time with whitestarr. Always such a warm reading:)>

  •   whitestarr pred 3 mesiacmi

    Ty dear Sneal .

  •   cutiecat5 pred 6 mesiacmi

    very positive and always accurate

  •   Sneal411 pred 6 mesiacmi

    love reading with Whitestarr always put me on the right track

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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