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tasha2ki | Ask Oracle
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Fast connections from spirit and guides. Extreme psychic abilities to connect with your energy and thoughts. Psychic medium with the ability to put a smile back on your face. Love, finance, work and energy. 35 years of experience!
  • Angol, Horvát, Szlovén, Szerb

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  •   Faith_and_hope 19 napja

    She connect soooo fast omg! Always impress by Tasha! She is honest and one of the best here!!
    Thank you again xxxxxxxxxxxx

  •   Martank 27 napja

    Great read!!! Thank you so much, Tasha.

  •   nutty00bunny 4 hónapja

    incredible, she predicted so much last week and it happened this week. hoping the next predictions come true soon :)

  •   lopezina 5 hónapja

    Tasha is always on point. Even with dates of events to happen.

    super happy with her readings every single time !!!!

  •   Peanutz007 5 hónapja

    Truly one of the best on O!!! She taps into you like a open book!!!

  •   champion2014 7 hónapja

    Thank you for chatting with me last month !

  •   nutty00bunny 7 hónapja

    Thank you Tasha, you always know whats going on with me even thought i don't understand myself and what is going on. thank you for immediately giving me messages even before i could say anything

  •   septgirl 7 hónapja

    tasha sure has settled my mind.. thank uu..

  •   RNSchmidt 8 hónapja

    thanks for your reading today Tasha... you really helped me feel uplifted a lot and make sense of things.. you were really picking up all my emotions bang on and it was a great connection. bless you

  •   nutty00bunny 8 hónapja

    she's just amazing, clicked the start pvt button and she was already giving me messages and telling me what i went though and what to expect, i just love her

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