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Seherezada82 | Ask Oracle
83 Puntuación
SEPTEMBER SPECIAL PRICE! ONLY 2,99! COME AND HAVE A READING WITH ME! MY NAME IS SEHEREZÁDÉ AND IM HERE TO HELP YOU! Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I was different. I felt emotions that others did not and first correctly predicted a death at the tender age of 10. My natural gifts only grew stronger with time and in-depth study.I believe that we are in control of our own path and destiny .
  • Inglés, Español, Czech

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  •   mariajodie hace 24 días

    Thank you :)

  •   tisiphone hace 27 días

    So calm and connected :)

  •   tisiphone hace 2 meses

    Just incredible :)

  •   Brianna1990 hace 4 meses

    She was spot on an straight forward i will definitely come to her again

  •   chiarayee hace 5 meses

    unfortunately, we couldn't finish the reading but she was very nice. I'd definitely recommend her

  •   georgiapeach41 hace 5 meses

    She is a good psychic its just I dont like how the time passes by and she stops responding when time is low

  •   ahill20201 hace 5 meses

    She was really sweet

  •   Eliana101 hace 8 meses

    I loved reading with her! She is great! :)

  •   Your Support Team hace 8 meses

    Your Support Team te desea un muy Feliz Cumpleaños!

  •   karina24 hace 9 meses

    I had my reading with her 2015 when she found out my ex has another girl and it came out to be true. I talked to her 2018 as well, when she told my current boyfriend still does love me and give him time. I had some readings when she told me to move on but I never listened, I mean moving on is the right thing anyways, 2019, still together love her advice about patience and making me feel love

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