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TravelingSouls | Ask Oracle
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Professional Chakra intuitive healer - . Embarked on a journey of self-discovery which lead to a very rewarding and beautiful spiritual awakening. I have mastered the healing arts of Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki; sharpened her intuitive skills and awareness; as well as created her own ‘spin’ on Chakra healing card reading, which she refers to as “self loving distance energy healing”.
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  •   TravelingSouls hace 5 meses

    Thank you everyone for your warm speeches!! namaste

  •   Chester9898 hace 9 meses

    she is on fire. she really does know what she was talking about

  •   szeryden hace 1 año

    Didn't have the opportunity to take her private yet, but I haven't ever met such a positive, adorable, honest person. Absolutely love her ♥

  •   Nonnie1 hace 1 año

    not sure how ...but Thanks!

  •   septgirl hace 1 año

    travelinsoul is awesome.. thanks for the info...

  •   TenayshisLove hace 1 año

    Great reading. Zen time! Thank you!

  •   Joolzie1 hace 1 año

    amazing reading thanks you so much!

  •   MeliJen318 hace 1 año

    interesting, felt her scan me, her advice was sound. she is unique! Enjoyed her much. Have great experience with psychics and healers. Really enjoyed her and found her USEFUL, and helpful. Her healing info is also quite predictive. I watched her in free chat awhile and knew she was for me!

  •   ebbrockman hace 1 año


  •   MyBeloved hace 1 año

    She's so adorable. lol That was such a lovely reading. It was very balanced, helpful, healthy...I really enjoyed my reading with her. I look forward to my answers being revealed to me

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