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  •   melissam12304 hace 15 días

    Thank you Wayne needed to talk to you today. Patience is hard...… But only could do with you. Thank you for always being there. Melissa xoxoxo

  •   melissam12304 hace 2 meses

    Together we are stronger trust believe achieve all my love xoxoxox

  •   Rhadhannia hace 2 meses

    thank you for clarity

  •   melissam12304 hace 3 meses

    Glad all is well will update you when it happens God bless and give him a kiss for me xoxoxo

  •   shaneka1992 hace 6 meses

    Amazing energy and vibes. Confirmed my evolution.

  •   melissam12304 hace 7 meses

    Thank you Wayne as I have so much to be grateful for just trying to adjust is hard. Keep trying to give you 5 stars but only highlights 3 have that checked. Happy b day to Jamie in advance wow time flies. Love ya lots xoxox Melissa

  •   PsychicWayne hace 8 meses

    I am back :-)

  •   Your Support Team hace 9 meses

    Your Support Team te desea un muy Feliz Cumpleaños!

  •   PsychicWayne hace 1 año

    hello to all and welcome :-) xx

  •   Mishenka hace 1 año

    Very Good, clear, and relaxed.

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