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LoveDove477 | Ask Oracle
95 Puntuación
NO TOOLS NEEDED, I am an expert in Love, Family and Career. My gifts are Automatic Writing, Natural Intuitive, and Energy work/healing. When I was a young girl I always knew I was special with a unique connection to the spirit world. Being Intuitive I can see the world and all it's people for what they and it's beautiful. Our lives are about living to explore and achieving our given paths.
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  •   tisiphone hace 1 día

    Amazing, always xxxxx

  •   LightndSoulGirl hace 12 días

    Thank you again!

  •   Angela2508 hace 17 días

    Very good! THank you!

  •   LightndSoulGirl hace 23 días

    Thank you so much!!! I still have a lot of thinking to do regarding what I want my next moves to be. But You gave me so much clarity and confirmed that this isnt all in my head.

  •   hayanugget hace 1 mes

    amazing reader!

  •   tisiphone hace 2 meses

    Wonderful, lovely, accurate xxxxx

  •   LifeFitness hace 3 meses

    She's really good

  •   tisiphone hace 3 meses

    Wonderful! Always :)

  •   gentlebay hace 3 meses

    very nice reading. something different for a change. more information from other readings. very nice

  •   tisiphone hace 4 meses

    So amazingly tuned in and gifted, love her xxxx

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