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HypatiaSage | Ask Oracle
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View my video! 5 Star Psychic Throughout the Psychic Industry - 20+ years experience - I use a combination of psychic awareness by means of clairaudience and clairsentience to provide messages from angels and guides, while incorporating tarot, and Vedic astrology - NO SUGAR COATING TO ENABLE CONCISE MESSAGES - NO JUDGMENT - QUICK - ACCURATE - EXPERIENCED - EMPATHETIC - 5TH GENERATION PSYCHIC
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  •   lovelyrozetta hace 2 años

    She is very sweet and direct. A journey awaits me! Hoping for the best.

  •   SpiritualOceans hace 2 años

    When I looked at her video, I knew she was gifted. She has this beautiful energy about her that words just can not explain. She reminds me of the ancient wise librarians. They are very spiritual people, and they have wisdom beyond their years; this is her! She just gives this sense of comfort, and I feel like I can trust her 100%.

  •   margher1ta hace 3 años

    great reading - sweet and honest

  •   lammonator hace 3 años

    Excellent reading, always so present and tapping into the true themes of the issue, a big help.

  •   Iroquois48 hace 3 años

    HypatiaSage is among the very best and I highly recommend her!

  •   donjule hace 3 años

    We connected SO deeply in our first reading together. It is lovely talking to Sage because she explains everything thoroughly whether the topic is serious or not. She is well experienced.

  •   ohood111 hace 3 años

    she is great

  •   jazzychic7 hace 3 años

    I am so impressed by Hypatia, I spoke to her a year ago and she gave me a specific date when my love life will have a turning point - and it was literally on spot. she doesnt give false hopes and I love her scientific approach, predicting overall trends, not fairytales. Great, legit reader!

  •   Drake1976 hace 3 años

    I've come to this lady for nearly 4 years and her readings are amazingly accurate! She keeps me calm when I need it and always has choice wisdom for me. There were times I hoped for better news and did not want to believe what she told me, only to see her predictions come to pass. If she doesn't get a clear picture, she will not tell you things that are not there! Wish I could give more than 5

  •   Drake1976 hace 3 años

    Have been coming to her for a long time and has been very genuine in her respones

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