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DivineAna | Ask Oracle
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I am psychic, clairvoyant. I do energy readings, and i also use angel cards if you want.The energy reading helps me sense the energies around you, or around anyone you'd like to know about, and lets me see your, or their feelings. With angel cards i see what the future holds for you and i am able to seek for advice. I am here to give you clarity, so please feel free to ask me whatever you want.
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  •   DivineAna hace 7 meses

    Happy New Year!
    I hope this will be your year! The year you'll achieve your goals, and even more than that, the year you'll have new experiences, new beginnings, the year you'll feel loved, appreciated, respected, the year you'll build new relationships, remake old ones, get back to the ones you miss.
    I hope that everything on your wishlist will be completed, that you'll feel motivated to get everything done and you'll feel proud of yourself and accomplished.
    I hope that you remember to take care of yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. Pray, wish, imagine, and do!
    Happy 2020! May this be one of your best years!
    Please know that I am here if you need to talk to someone, if you need guidance, if you need a reading. Let me know anytime you need my help!

  •   mylife93 hace 1 año

    She is very nice!

  •   DivineAna hace 1 año

    Thank you very much! Please let me know if you need me again. I will be here! :)

  •   lammonator hace 2 años

    Awesome reading, very accurate, this has been helpful.

  •   jeninidaho hace 2 años

    Amazing reading... very compassionate, understanding, and kind.

  •   DivineAna hace 2 años

    Thank you! I am looking forward to talking to you again :)

  •   lizwhitehouse hace 2 años

    thank you it wasn't what I really wanted to hear but at lest there is hope

  •   mike12323love hace 2 años

    Thanks, she is an excellent reader

  •   Iroquois48 hace 2 años

    Good & solid reading!

  •   starryknight1999 hace 3 años

    DivineAna ROCKE the spirit world with her intuitive insight into my crazy world of idealism...thank u 4 helping me solve the riddle of love, Fire Girl")


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