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Birdyj90 | Ask Oracle
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Hello everyone. I am Roberta, a novice psychic and spirit medium. I'm still developing my abilities. I'm taking in demos and basic readings to help me gain more experience. Please be patient with me and also I ask that you give me feedback.
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  •   davelin hace 1 mes

    is good reader but is still learning

  •   Birdyj90 hace 1 mes

    thank you :)

  •   Birdyj90 hace 2 meses

    Hello members,
    I will be out of town this afternoon till Saturday morning (This is USA Central time).
    Please feel free to send me messages as I will be checking those periodically during the days I'm off. I will reply back.
    For members who had readings done, if you can, please post feedback on my wall. I will appreciate it :)
    Thank you :)



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